Water: An Update on the Facts
Almost 90% of Colorado’s naturally occurring lakes are found at altitudes above 9,000 feet.
There are more than 9,000 miles of streams and 2,000 lakes and reservoirs open to fishing in Colorado.

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“I grew up on the river. I love it.  I always thought that if I ever wanted work on the river, I had to become a river guide.  Then I took River Watch in high school.  It changed my perspective on what I could do with my life, not only could I work on the river, I could do good for the river. I guess River Watch is still influencing my life today."

– Jesse Lanci, student at Glendwood Spgs HS.
“I can’t thank you all enough for all that you do for…all the River Watchers out there…her project and success could not have been possible without your sponsorship and enthusiastic support.  Thank You.”

– Loree, teacher from Monte Vista School District.