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The Inflow Network is an electronic information system that compiles timely information on funding sources, conferences, events, training programs, job opportunities and relevant watershed news and distributes this information in a weekly newsletter, a monthly water report and in special alerts. The daunting task of communication between government agencies and citizen groups is often time-consuming and ineffective. The Inflow Network was conceived as a tool for citizens and governmental institutions alike to broaden participation on natural resource issues. It helps facilitate discussions on water management issues and encourages locally driven collaborative solutions.

Inflow is a web-based network aimed at linking the projects and goals of local groups to those at the higher regional, state, and federal levels of government. It is designed to create a convenient, sustainable, and continuous dialogue, encouraging community and stakeholder collaboration. The electronic network facilitates discussions on water management issues and develops a mechanism that conveniently and proactively engages groups about issues of importance in their region. The Inflow Network reduces the time, distance and money handicap that often plagues constituents busy with local affairs. Inflow expands the influence of conservation groups beyond their watershed to policymakers directly affecting local projects.

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