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  • Water/Energy Nexus
    • Saving Water and Energy Together: Helping Utilities Build Better Programs (2013) - Knowing that water and energy are inherently linked, AWE and ACEEE released a report Saving Water and Energy Together: Helping Utilities Build Better Programs.  The report provides recommendations on program models and frameworks that utilities can use to save both water and energy.
    • Western Resource Advocates Report Released: Conservation Synergy (2013) - The nexus between water and energy has been understood for several years, yet only a handful of utilities have fully capitalized on this knowledge by combining their efficiency programs. This report, "Conservation Synergy: The Case for Integrating Water and Energy Efficiency Programs" articulates the reasons for, and the pathways by which, utilities can achieve a conservation synergy.

  • America's Commitment to the Clean Water Act Documents:


International Reports
  • UN Reader on Water Quality Issues: Español y Inglés

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