"The Human Element"

October 8 - 10, 2019 – Westin Riverfront Resort, Avon, CO

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You are cordially invited to submit ideas for presentations at the 14th Annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference. This highly popular event expands cooperation and collaboration throughout our state for natural resource conservation, protection, and enhancement by informing citizen groups, agencies, legislators, researchers, and practitioners about current issues and through networking opportunities.

The 2019 conference will explore the influence of The Human Element on water and watersheds in Colorado and the West. Our growing human presence and resulting impacts on watersheds is undeniable. At the same time, our human experiences and social/emotional connections to watersheds are integral components to be considered in the work to preserve, protect and restore our watersheds. Together we will delve into our impacts and connections. We will look for ways our influence can be fostered and mitigated to avoid loving our home to death. Ideas for topics for discussion include:

  • Recreation – One of our favorite ways to interface with water, but how do we balance the health of watersheds, landowners’ rights and economic goals?

  • Climate Change – What impacts from a changing climate can we expect to see in our watersheds and what has already occurred? What tools or strategies could help mitigate or slow impacts to our watersheds?

  • Land Use and Watershed Planning – How are we managing our communities’ impacts to water through integrated planning in urban, rural and natural landscapes? From small acreage to the watershed scale, how can we foster improved connection to water? This includes our urban and rural landscapes; commercial, energy development, mining and industrial uses; utility planning, flood protection and forestry.

  • Finance – How can we assign an economic value to water and healthy watersheds? How do we balance our need to keep the taps running while protecting the existential value of flowing rivers and healthy ecosystems. How are we funding that work creatively and strategically?

  • Water Quantity and Quality – What do we need to know in order to make good decisions and enforceable regulations to protect public health? What do ongoing population growth and resource development mean for the future in terms of water availability and water quality for our communities? What’s left over for other priorities?

  • River and Watershed Protection and Restoration – How do we protect rivers and watersheds from ourselves? What innovations and state of the science is available for protection of our natural areas and developed areas? Stream mitigation banking is coming to Colorado! What do we need to know and how does it best fit?

Short abstract submittals are due online by Friday, April 12th, 2019. Please indicate which of the bulleted points above would be covered in your talk. The agenda committee will discuss which submissions work best with this year's theme and will inform you by July 1st if your presentation has been accepted. At that point we’ll ask you for a more detailed abstract and biography.

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