October 9 - 11, 2018 – Westin Riverfront Resort, Avon, CO

 "The Color of Water: Exploring the Spectrum"
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You are cordially invited to submit ideas for presentations at the 13th Annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference. This highly popular event expands cooperation and collaboration throughout our state for natural resource conservation, protection, and enhancement by informing citizen groups, agencies, consultants, and legislators about current issues and through networking opportunities.

In 2018, our conference will focus on “The Color of Water: Exploring the Spectrum.” Our theme this year intends to tap into the creativity of our community and investigate how diverse watershed interests interact. Water touches us all from forests to farms. We've branched out this year to delve into water for the environment, forest health, agriculture, recreation, mining, energy, city water, rural water, source water, and recycled and reuse water.  We even have an acronym: ROYGBIV

  • Red tape – Improving policy and permitting processes locally and nationally to ensure good projects can make it to the ground
  • Opportunities –  Finding the funding and identifying new collaborators that can make projects possible
  • Yielding Results – Innovative design in watershed restoration that's proving effective on the ground
  • Green vs Gray – Advances in stormwater management practices that utilize natural infrastructure
  • Barrier Busting – Going beyond philosophical divides and building political will for good solutions
  • Industry Voices – Forest, agriculture, mining and energy practices to meet multiple stakeholder priorities
  • Vulnerability – Addressing drought, floods, fire and climate change uncertainties to better inform planning

We are requesting your submission by Friday, April 20th. You can submit your topic on the form on this page. Please indicate which of the bulleted points above would be covered in your talk. Submittal of your proposal does not necessarily mean it will be a part of the conference. The agenda committee will meet to discuss which submissions work best with this year's theme and will inform you by July 1st if your presentation has been accepted. At that point we’ll ask you for a more detailed abstract and biography. Your submission should include:

  • Presentation title (min 15 characters, max 150 characters)
  • Short overview of your presentation (150 words)
  • Indicate if you prefer a 30 minute oral presentation, 30-90 minute panel discussion, PechaKucha (20 slides shown for 20 seconds - 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total) or a poster presentation

The Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference is cooperatively hosted by the following partners:

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