In the classroom...

It is real science and has an impact on our local environment. It fits the saying ‘think globally and act locally’. My favorite aspect of River Watch is being able to get outside with the students and see them so involved in what they are doing. Nobody is sitting and watching; everyone is busy. The procedures involved in water analysis are also a very valuable introduction to chemistry.
— Bill Meyers, Teacher at Alexander Dawson
dissolved oxygen
I have grown in many ways since the beginning of this class. When we started out last fall the river . . . was a place to play, a place to have fun, all I saw it as was for its recreation. Over the past few months I have come to realize how important and controversial the Colorado River really is. It is crazy to think how many thousands of people rely on its waters every day just to keep on going and it is very scary to think that this great river that once reached all the way to the sea now ends in a dry trickle hundreds of miles from where it originally flowed. . .I can’t help but think of one of the many lessons that we have learned every time I look at the river. Whether we like it or not all of us have been changed for the better. We are different from most of our friends in the way that we look at not only rivers, but at the world. As river watchers, it is our duty to look after the river, and make sure that it is here for many years to come.
— Daniel Karmer, Student at Glenwood Springs High School

At the River Watch training...

This training was great! The presenters were very knowledgeable and professional, witty and sincere. The time went quickly. . . . The materials were well-prepared and very easy to understand, easy to reference once back home. A very inspirational group of staff! Thank you for your program!
— Deanna Drew, Rico Alpine Society
The River Watch program and especially my fantastic sponsors for the club were a key factor in my choosing a major in Environmental Science and especially a track in hydrology. The program got me intrigued in the studies of water and rivers and especially left me asking more questions and looking for more information about the subjects. In river watch we did tests to figure out certain qualities of the water and these tests left me wanting to know exactly what it all means to the water and to the organisms that reside in and have ecological gain from the water.
— Scott Albrecht, Former student at Golden High School

In the Workplace...

I hope that River Watch can continue touching and influencing people of all ages the way they have influenced me.
— Candy Burnbridge, Wastewater Projects Specialist
I had the pleasure of working in various capacities with the program [River Watch] over the years...This diversity of work with the program was quite rewarding, and helped me to secure future work involving non-point source pollution, stream restoration, and eco-hydraulic research...Truly, without the rich experience I gained with the program I would not be where I am today. With all due sincerity and gratefulness, thank you River Watch!
— Brian Haynes, Graduate Research Assistant at Colorado State University