Since 1999, we have been building partnerships to protect our most important natural resource in Colorado: our water.


Our Mission

The Colorado Watershed Assembly's mission is to provide support for collaborative efforts among diverse stakeholders to protect and improve the conservation values of land, water, and other natural resources of Colorado's watersheds.

CWA is an example of collective impact. We work with important actors from different sectors to move outcomes. Please join us in this effort to bring nonprofits, governments, businesses, and the public together to achieve our shared goals and to count our blessings.
— Casey Davenhill, Executive Director

Some Recent Achievements


  • In 2015, the River Watch Program cultivated a number of new partnerships - with the US Fish and Wildife Service, the US Forest Service, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and Rotary, among other groups. 


  • In 2014, River Watch collaborated with the Water Quality Control Division to collect macroinvertebrates (bugs) in 20 of their 25 priority sites.


  • In 2013, the Colorado Watershed Assembly assisted the Chatfield Watershed Authority by facilitating the stakeholder meeting process for the Chatfield Watershed Plan. The plan can be found on their website.