Colorado Data Sharing Network

The Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) is a collaborative project envisioned by the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council (CWQMC) in 2004. It was formed to solve many of the historic barriers to effective sharing of water quality data in Colorado. CDSN products and services seek to satisfy reporting requirements for Colorado NPS (Non‐Point Source) project sponsors. The CDSN project addresses the top priorities echoed throughout the collective watershed management, assessment and monitoring community in Colorado including the Colorado Water Quality Control Division, local governments, private entities and non‐profit organizations. The Colorado Data Sharing Network Project continues to provide the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council a collective and resourceful voice for monitoring issues in the future.

Use Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) to submit your data.

CDSN is helping to enhance Colorado's watersheds and water quality by providing CDSN's data partners and Colorado's citizens with an accessible and affordable tool kit for data management, data analysis, and data sharing.

  • CDSN is currently helping 70+ different data organizations manage, share, and analyze 3.9 million water quality results for over 11,000 monitoring locations in Colorado.

  • The Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) is the primary project of the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council (CWQMC). CDSN has been providing an innovative tool kit for organizations to manage and analyze their water data affordably and to share their data for more than 13 years.

  • Sharing data saves time and resources for others who are monitoring in the same basin. Sharing hosting, research and development costs for innovative data management and analysis leverages more resources for monitoring and other priorities. 

  • CDSN has saved its data providers over $1 million through shared hosting of the data management system vs. what it would cost for them to pay for hosting and support individually.

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It takes dedication, innovation, data, time, and money to sustain a resilient data sharing network for data managers and for all of Colorado. Thanks for your interest in CDSN.