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The next application period will open Fall of 2019. Please check back!

Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Grant Guidance

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Past Grant Recipients

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Healthy Rivers Fund Fact Sheet

Please consider a donation to support Healthy Rivers in Colorado

Even $1 can make a difference!

Projects funded by the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund are matched with an average of $6 for every $1 donated.


In 2002 Colorado General Assembly approved the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund which was designed to be funded solely through the Colorado Individual Income Tax Refund Check-off Program. In 2015 we were surprised to learn that the Fund would not be on the 2015 Colorado Income Tax form. The fund lapsed into dormancy while we worked to have it reinstated.

Our campaign to the Legislature in 2016 was successful and we are happy to announce that the Healthy Rivers Fund is not only back on the Tax Refund Check-off Program, but it has also been restructured to allow for contributions to be made year-round.

We are embarking on an initiative to rebuild this fund which grants money to on-the-ground projects that contribute to cleaner water, healthier wildlife habitat, and improved recreation throughout our State. The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund has granted funding for more than 80 projects statewide. Please consider making a contribution to this important resource!

It’s easy to donate! Tell your accountant that you’d like to support Colorado nonprofits when filing your state income taxes. Thanks for your support!

The Colorado Watershed Assembly is committed to the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund and will continue to work with our friends in the Colorado Legislature, the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission to continue a program which helps support local watershed organizations in their efforts to provide clean water, protect habitat and improve recreation and accessibility.

Contributions made to the Colorado Watershed Assembly for the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund will be held in reserve and administered jointly with the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.

Make your donation to the Fund Now!

You can also pay by check written to:

Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund

Mail to:

P.O. Box 460736, Glendale, CO 80246