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Colorado Water Conservation Board Basin Fact Sheet,  South Platte River_Metro Basin

Colorado Water Conservation Board Basin Fact Sheet, South Platte River_Metro Basin

Metro Denver Watershed Basin Groups

Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed Association
The Barr Milton Watershed (BMW) is an essential environmental water resource in our state. One out of every two citizens in Colorado lives within the BMW watershed boundaries, which also provides water for agricultural and municipal use and is an important natural habitat for a variety of wildlife. Our members (and friends) work cooperatively to study and evaluate the necessary improvements to ensure clean, safe water for all. Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Watershed is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit association, Incorporated in May of 2005.

 Amy Conklin, 6795 S. Elati St., Littleton, CO 80120, PH: 303-525-5038

Bear Creek Watershed Association
The Bear Creek Watershed Association identifies, defines, collectively develops, maintains and implements a local environmental and water quality monitoring, management plan and watershed-based program for the Bear Creek Watershed that meets reservoir and watershed applicable water quality standards and beneficial use classification as adopted by the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission.

Russell Clayshulte, 1529 S. Telluride St., Aurora, CO 80017, PH: 303-751-7144

Big Dry Creek Watershed Association
The mission of the Watershed Association is to develop a sound scientific understanding of water quality, flow, aquatic life, and habitat conditions in the Big Dry Creek Watershed for the purposes of: (1) environmentally responsible decision-making with regard to land and stream uses and (2) identifying measures to improve and protect stream conditions. The goals of the Watershed Association include three broad categories: (1) public education and involvement, (2) monitoring and study, and (3) protecting, preserving and restoring water quality, aquatic life, and habitat.

Jane Clary, 2490 W. 26th Ave., Ste 100A, Denver, CO 80211, PH: 303-480-1700

Chatfield Watershed Authority
The mission of the Chatfield Watershed Authority, formed in 1984, is a nonprofit watershed association that conducts activities to promote watershed health in the Chatfield Watershed, including water quality, outreach, monitoring, implementing point and nonpoint source control strategies and regulatory requirements associated with Control Regulation 73. Controlling nonpoint source, particularly nutrients, is critical to preserving water quality in the Chatfield watershed and reservoir. Our mission is to promote protection of water quality in the Chatfield Watershed for drinking water supplies, recreation, fisheries and other beneficial uses.

Julie Vlier, 1900 South Sunset St., 1-F, Longmont, CO 80501, PH: 303-772-5282

Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners
The Stewardship Partners promote active stewardship in the Cherry Creek basin through a voluntary alliance among key land use agencies with ties to the Cherry Creek and South Platte River. Events ranging from the Partners' Annual Conference to the annual Run for the Watershed provide opportunities to be engaged with a broadly collaborative effort to deliver a practical water quality message to residents of the Cherry Creek Watershed. The Cherry Creek Basin Water Stewardship and Education Initiative is the framework for outreach which includes an annual Teacher Training Workshop, sponsored field trips and classroom visits. Special events and regularly scheduled activities provide year-round opportunities to 'take it outside' and practice hands-on conservation in our prairie ecosystem.

Casey Davenhill, 415 S. High St., Denver, CO 80209, PH: 303-345-1675

Groundwork Denver
The mission of Groundwork Denver (GWD) is to bring about the sustained improvement of the physical environment and promote health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action. Our goals include: To create collaborations among community and non-profit organizations, local government, businesses, and residents to improve the physical environment, while enhancing neighborhood assets and fostering community involvement and leadership. To foster environmental justice by providing expertise and education on environmental health issues, providing opportunities for residents to develop environmental leadership and job skills and improving the physical environment in low-income communities. Like many urban waterways, the lower 8 miles of the Bear Creek is impaired due to E.coli contamination. Denver is working to improve the water quality in the Bear Creek and other urban waterways by educating the public about watershed issues, working with volunteers to improve riparian habitat, and engaging stakeholders in comprehensive watershed planning.

Rachel Hansgen, 3050 Champa St., Denver, CO 80205, PH: 303-455-5600

Sand Creek Regional Greenway
Sand Creek Regional Greenway is a 14-mile public greenway that connects the High Line Canal and Colfax Avenue in Aurora with the South Platte River Greenway through the cities of Aurora, Denver, and Commerce City. Plans are under way to extend the greenway another 16 miles from Colfax Avenue to the Aurora Reservoir. When the greenway is complete, there will be 30+ miles of off-road trails, eight major parks, restored habitat and river corridor protection, connections to other major trails, and environmental, cultural, industrial, and educational interpretation all along the greenway.

Kate Kramer, 7350 E. 29th Ave., Ste 300, Denver, CO 80238, PH: 303-468-3260

The Greenway Foundation
The Mission of the Greenway Foundation is to advance the South Platte River and the surrounding tributaries as a unique environmental, recreational, cultural, scientific and historical amenity that uniquely links our City's past and its future. This mission will be accomplished by creating ongoing environmental and riparian enhancements; holding property, when needed, in conservation easements; utilizing the River as an outdoor and historical learning resource, hosting free cultural events promoting the relationship between the River and music, art and theatre, providing youth employment opportunities, and by promoting good stewardship through hands-on educational programs.

Jeff Shoemaker, 5299 DTC Blvd., Ste 710, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, PH: 303-455-7109

Westerly Creek Connection (WCC)
In June 2011 the Denver City Council approved the Westerly Creek Greenway Master Plan prepared by WCC. Aurora did not formally adopt the plan, but many of the concepts from the plan, especially stream daylighting where feasible, have the support of the City Council and staff. Those concepts were incorporated in Aurora’s application to FEMA for funding to replace the culvert crossing of Montview Boulevard with a bridge crossing. Making extensive use of landscape architecture Vision Sketches, WCC explored possibilities for restoration in the nine-block reach between 11th Avenue and Montview Boulevard. While working with the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, Aurora & Denver, WCC prepared a Greenway Master Plan that will achieve goals of flood protection, recreation & aesthetics, community connectivity, and economic redevelopment. WCC is continuing to work with partners to carry on the work of connecting the greenway at Lowry with the greenway at Stapleton.

Brian Hyde, 1629 Locust St., Denver, CO 80220, 720-939-6039