CWA is a trusted resource where individuals involved with local watershed organizations can go to find information and guidance to help build a constituency, including updates on policy changes and practical advice to help identify and implement projects. 


  • Supporting watershed protection at the local level by emphasizing local control, local agenda-setting, and engaging local expertise.

  • Growing the “water ethic” by engaging citizens in work to benefit their watershed as a way to grow local stewardship, understanding, and connection to the local resource.


The Colorado Watershed Assembly is proud

to manage the following programs:


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The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund

Since its inception in 2003 the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund (Fund) has been financed by the Colorado Individual Income Tax Refund Check-off Program. In November of 2015 we were informed that, although the Colorado Legislature had re-authorized the Fund in 2015, contributions to the Fund had fallen short of the $75,000 threshold and the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund would not appear on the 2015 income tax form. We are committed to the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund and will continue to work with our friends in the Colorado Legislature, the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission to continue a program which helps support local watershed organizations in their efforts to provide clean water, protect habitat and improve recreation and accessibility. Donating to the CHRF not only helps local conservation groups conduct restoration projects, but it also shows state agencies that you value healthy rivers. To learn more or to donate click here


The Inflow Network

The Inflow Network is an electronic information network designed to engage water interested groups and citizens in state water policy and provide up to date information, such as funding opportunities, job openings, trainings and events. Because the Inflow works to bring attention to local watershed efforts, member news keeps this network relevant. Send in your news and events to keep the community informed of what you do. Become a member today and help support this valuable networking tool. Join the Inflow Network here. 


Annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference

The Colorado Watershed Assembly hosts the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference each year as a collaborative effort with the Water Education Colorado and the Colorado Riparian Association. This unique conference works to expand cooperation and collaboration throughout Colorado in natural resource conservation, protection, and enhancement. The conference is an important opportunity to inform participants about timely issues and innovative projects while providing valuable networking opportunities. Click here for more information!

Colorado Data Sharing Network

The CDSN is a collaborative project envisioned by the CWQMC in 2004. It was formed to solve many of the historic barriers to effective sharing of water quality data in Colorado. CDSN products and services seek to satisfy reporting requirements for Colorado NPS (Non‐Point Source) project sponsors. The CDSN project addresses the top priorities echoed throughout the collective watershed management, assessment and monitoring community in Colorado including the Colorado Water Quality Control Division, local governments, private entities and non‐profit organizations.  The Colorado Data Sharing Network project continues to provide the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council a collective and resourceful voice for monitoring issues in the future. To learn more about the Colorado Data Sharing Network, visit their website: