Conferences and Events Late November

Colorado in Winter. This scene was photographed outside of Silverthorne. Division of Wildlife. David Hannigan. Date taken: 12/7/2010.

Colorado in Winter. This scene was photographed outside of Silverthorne. Division of Wildlife. David Hannigan. Date taken: 12/7/2010.


SPREE Holiday Camps 2017-2018

SPREE will be hosting several day camps during the 2017- 2018 academic calendar on days that Denver Public Schools are closed.These unique and educational programs are for children who are in kindergarten (must be at least 6 years old) through 5th grade. All holiday camps will be held at Johnson Habitat Park, 610 S. Jason St. Denver CO, 80223; from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. Cost for this program is $50/child/day.

November 20-21, 2017: Time Travelers
Hop into your time machine and join SPREE to learn all about the Native Americans and Pioneers who lived along the South Platte River. 

January 15, 2018: Something Fishy!
oin SPREE as we learn about the fish in the South Platte River and the many amazing adaptations they have.

February 2, 2018: Raptors of the River
Investigate the birds of prey that live along the South Platte River.

To view specific dates/themes and to register, please visit the SPREE website!

NOVEMBER 29th- 30th, 2017: Attend the Southern Rockies Seed Network 2017 Conference,Ecotypes: Science, Practice, & Policy at The Fort Collins Innosphere, 320 East Vine Drive, Fort Collins CO. More information to come. More information is found HERE.

NOVEMBER 30th, 2017: COLORADO GROUNDWATER ISSUES Denver, CO. A 1-day conference for state legislators, local government officials, water managers, regulators, environmental organizations, agriculture, industry and water utility end users and their scientific, engineering and legal advisors. Presentations Include: Ogallalawater.Org: Cross State Collaboration to Optimize Water Use, Sustaining Rural Communities; The Legal Landscape in Colorado as it Relates to Managing the Declining Ogallala Aquifer; Managing Risk at LNAPL Sites - Downstream Petroleum Product Contamination in Colorado; Why New ASR Rules are Needed and the Challenges in Developing the New Rules; Groundwater Management Modeling for Recharge Projects in Colorado. As in the conferences of previous years, there is an invited panel of State legislators participating in the program to discuss Colorado’s water policy priorities. The program has become established as a great annual information-exchange and networking opportunity for water-users, providers, managers, scientists, engineers, attorneys, regulators and city, county and state elected representatives. A "must attend" program for all professionals involved with Colorado's groundwater and Water Resources Management. If your business is dependent on an assured water supply - then you need to attend! More information and registration found HERE.

DECEMBER 5, 2017: The Colorado Ag Water Alliance Summit will be in Loveland at The Ranch – Larimer County Fairgrounds – and brings together agricultural leaders from across the state, water professionals, elected officials, and decision makers to discuss agricultural water issues.  With this event comes the desire to continue the discussion of pertinent water issues, but also want to make this event an opportunity to tell the story of “Water and Agriculture” for people unfamiliar with the role of agriculture in Colorado. More information can be found HERE, or to directly register, click HERE.

DECEMBER 12, 2017: You are invited to Conservation and Management of Amphibians and Reptiles of the Southwestern United States, a webinar sponsored by the US Forest Service. This webinar covers material provided in Habitat Management Guidelines for Amphibians and Reptiles of the Southwestern United States by Larry Jones, Ken Halama, and Rob Lovich (Eds.). This book was published in August 2016 and is available on Amazon. Click HERE to register.

MARCH 2nd - 3rd, 2017: 2018 Advancing Environmental Education Conference, "emPowered by Nature", Auraria Campus,Denver, CO. Colorado’s Advancing Environmental Education Conference is annually hosted by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE), a statewide leader in environmental education since 1989. CAEE facilitates communication, coordination, resource sharing and professional development to advance environmental education among over 850 members across the state among various sectors.  Information about the Conference Event.

APRIL 18, 2018: The Center for Watershed Protection is hosting the 2018 National Watershed and Stormwater Conference, which is designed for water management from all sectors, practitioners, regulators, and water and sewer authorities, and will present case studies and best practices as well as address cross cutting issues and emerging trends. This will take place online and at remote hub locations. Registration begins soon. Questions can be answered by emailing:, or calling 410-461-8323. For more on the Center for Watershed Protection, click HERE.