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Colorado Water Conservation Board Basin Fact Sheet,  Southwest Dolores/San Juan/San Miguel River Basin

Colorado Water Conservation Board Basin Fact Sheet, Southwest Dolores/San Juan/San Miguel River Basin

Southwest Dolores/San Juan/San Miguel River Basin Watershed Groups

Animas River Stakeholders Group
The Animas River Stakeholders Group (ARSG) works to improve water quality in the Animas River Basin by reducing metal loading from historic mining sites in the headwaters of the basin.

Peter Butler and Bill Simon, 1711 Baby Bear Rd., Durango, CO 81301, PH: Peter - 970-259-0986 Bill - 970-385-4138

Animas Watershed Partnership (AWP)
The Animas Watershed Partnership protects and improves water quality for a 100 mile long river system traversing Colorado, New Mexico, and Southern Ute Indian lands. Currently, the AWP is focusing on expanding its stakeholder base, and implementing a demonstration project along the Animas River in Colorado to compliment the project completed in New Mexico.

Ann Oliver, 2340 Country Rd. 203, Durango, CO 81301, PH: 970-903-9361

Dolores River Source Water Protection Group
Dolores River Source Water Protection group is assessing source water issues upstream of McPhee Reservoir. The group is planning to begin source water protection implementation activities in the near future with money raised locally through the Dolores River Festival, State of Colorado Source Water funding and other local efforts. An assessment report will be completed within the next year, also. This group is unique among source water protection organizations because it includes 5 different water providers within the Dolores River watershed working together on one plan - the City of Cortez, Town of Dolores, Montezuma Water Company the Town of Dove Creek and the Town of Rico.

Scott Clow, P.O. Box 448, Towaoc, CO 81334, PH: 970-565-5432

Dolores River Dialogue
The DRD is a coalition of diverse interests, whose purpose is to explore management opportunities, build support for and take action to improve the ecological conditions downstream of McPhee Reservoir while honoring water rights, protecting agricultural and municipal water supplies, and the continued enjoyment of rafting and fishing.

Marsha Porter-Norton, c/o DWCD 60 S. Cactus St., Cortez, CO 81321, PH: 970-247-8306

East Fork Dolores (Town of Rico)
The Town of Rico is working with a large landowner and residents of the town to survey the Dolores River corridor and protect riparian and river front property. The ultimate goal is to establish a green-belt park through town. A coalition of stakeholders also strives to develop continuing partnerships, strategies and funding to work towards ensuring that ground and surface water in and around Rico's watershed area meets water quality standards comparable to other healthy natural mountain streams and watershed areas. The Town has initiated participating in the River Watch program, which allows public to participate in water testing and monitoring of their areas. The Town is particularly interested in monitoring the Dolores River and watershed inflow stream.

Jennifer Stark, P.O. Box 305, Rico, CO 81332

Pine River Watershed Group
The Pine River Watershed Group a volunteer organization, coordinates the collection and compilation of water quality and quantity data in the upper Pine River Watershed and Vallecito Reservoir.  The group monitors oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, iron, manganese, temperature, ammonia, phosphorus, TDS, and nitrate levels using USGS and EPA protocols.  The Pine River Watershed Group has been in continuous operation since 1999 and depends totally on charitable donations and volunteer hours to cover the cost and man hours.  This work has been recognized by the USDA/NRCS, EPA and the President of the United States Volunteer Programs.

c/o San Juan RC&D, E. 2nd Ave., Ste 104, Durango, CO 81302

River Protection Workgroup (SW Colorado)
The River Protection Workgroup is a project that is forming local workgroups on five (5) selected river/ stream segments (Animas River, Piedra River, Hermosa Creek, Upper San Juan- East and West Forks and Vallecito Creek/Pine River).  The purpose is to engage local stakeholders from many sectors in defining strategies for the protection of important values-- human, social, ecological and economic.  In some cases, the local workgroups take a watershed approach.  Once the workgroups conclude in 2012, a "Regional Discussion" will occur to define broad, regional strategies for protection of values while allowing suitable water development to continue.  All the meeting minutes, workgroups' reports, etc. are all on the website along with a process model handout, information sheets on each river/streams studied were found to be suitable (or in some cases eligible) for Wild and Scenic River status by the San Juan Public Lands Center in its 2007 Draft Land Management Plan (USFS/BLM).

Marsha Porter-Norton, P.O. Box 4506, Durango, CO 81301, PH: 970-247-8306

San Juan Citizens' Alliance
San Juan Citizens' Alliance is a grass roots organization dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice in the San Juan Basin. We organize San Juan Basin residents to protect our water and air, our public lands, our rural character, and our unique quality of life while embracing the diversity of our region’s people, economy and ecology. The San Juan Citizens’ Alliance works to preserve high quality water and adequate stream flows in the Four Corners Region of Colorado and New Mexico. The Alliance works through local stakeholder groups, the rulemaking of the Water Quality Control Commission, as well as through public opinion and the courts to protect water quality and preserve free-flowing rivers.

Information, P.O. Box 2461, Durango, CO 81302, PH: 970-259-3583

San Juan RC&D
San Juan RC&D is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes sustainable communities and improves the quality of life through economic development and the conservation of natural resources.  We provide project sponsorship, technical assistance and administration to over 15 projects in the 5 counties that make up SW Colorado.

Pam Beam, P.O. Box 11006, Durango, CO 81301, PH: 970-589-1518

San Miguel Watershed Coalition
The San Miguel Watershed Coalition monitors water quality throughout the San Miguel watershed. The Coalition supports restoration efforts to improve river health and sponsors twice yearly forums to address issues critical to the health of the watershed and the well being of our communities.

Sarah Bobbe, P.O. Box 1601, Telluride, CO 81435, PH: 970-728-5291

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
The Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Water Quality Program is a Clean Water Act funded program that monitors and assesses water quality on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation and implements projects and programs to mitigate water pollution.  Ute Mountain Ute Reservation Waters in Colorado include the Mancos, McElmo and lower San Juan watersheds.  There are now 3 Watershed Assesment Reports available on the group website where you can view the group's progress. 

Scott Clow, P.O. Box 448, Towaoc, CO 81334, PH: 970-564-5432