Colorado Watershed Assembly

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Casey Davenhill, Executive Director

Casey has been the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners Director for over 10 years. As a consultant to the Trust for Public Lands, Casey helped to assemble the stakeholder group to develop the Cherry Creek Basin Open Space Stewardship and Conservation Plan, 2002. As Administrator for the Colorado Watershed Network and the Colorado Watershed Assembly, Casey has a long history of coordination with River Watch and other important programs and projects facilitated by these two organizations. Casey uses her accounting training and experience to offer professional guidance to watershed and educational non-profit groups in maintaining their financial accounts and providing grant and financial management support.

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Diane Kielty, Communications Coordinator

As Communications Coordinator for the Colorado Watershed Assembly (CWA) since 2015, Diane has managed the CWA Website Platform Conversion Project and reformatting of the Inflow Newsletter. She continues to oversee website updates and on-going bi-monthly distribution of Inflow. For the past two years she has taken the lead on the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference registration and marketing. As CWA launches into 2018, Diane will be managing the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund fundraising campaign and will continue to support community forum and outreach events.

Diane’s background in watershed work began in 2007 as a Project Development Consultant with the Clear Creek Watershed Foundation. She has managed project agreements with organizations including the United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining, & Safety. Diane has served the Foundation as Project Manager for remediation of large-scale nonpoint source pollutants contributing to the State of Colorado’s 303(d) list of impaired waters for trace metals. She lead CCWF's Distributed Renewable Energy Initiative, coordinating discussions, public hearings, consensus building and presentation materials resulting in the formal rezoning of the entire Clear Creek County for large scale renewable energy as a use by right. Diane also serves in the role of Metro Roundtable Recorder for the Colorado Water Conservation Board as custodian of the Roundtable’s records and recording of formal decisions of proceedings.

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Mallory Hiss, Social Media Supervisor

Mallory was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and attended the University of Arkansas to study animal science. She moved to Denver in pursuit of a career in wildlife conservation and found a passion for environmental education. She loves to take her dog on hikes and is excited to share, through social media, the importance of Colorado watersheds!