Colorado Watershed Assembly

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Casey Davenhill, Executive Director

Casey has been the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners Director for over 10 years. As a consultant to the Trust for Public Lands, Casey helped to assemble the stakeholder group to develop the Cherry Creek Basin Open Space Stewardship and Conservation Plan, 2002. As Administrator for the Colorado Watershed Network and the Colorado Watershed Assembly, Casey has a long history of coordination with River Watch and other important programs and projects facilitated by these two organizations. Casey uses her accounting training and experience to offer professional guidance to watershed and educational non-profit groups in maintaining their financial accounts and providing grant and financial management support.

River Watch


Michaela Taylor, Program Director
Michaela graduated from Florida State University and earned a degree in English and a minor in Biology. She has been working with River Watch since 2002 and became Program Manager in 2006. She has her own line of organic dog treats and enjoys writing screenplays in her spare time. Michaela also has a fetish for top-of-the-line purses.


Matt McIntyre, Water Quality Analyst
Matt graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Hydrology. He has been the River Watch Analyst since 1994. Matt has a passion for Enchiladas Del Mar, trout fishing the Miracle Mile, and Rockies baseball. He is the proud owner of a golden retriever named Lily.