Trainings for Late October

The Green River and Canyons of Dinosaur National Monument

The Green River and Canyons of Dinosaur National Monument

OCTOBER 18th, 2016: Webinar, Alliance4WaterEfficiency Partner GlobalWaterWorks will host a FREE webinar entitled, "Making the Business Case for Water Projects," at 8 a.m. PT. The webinar will be based on the July 2016 paper published by Shira Eting, fellow at the Milken Innovation Center, in connection with the Israel California Global Innovation Partnership. CLICK HERE to learn more and to register for the webinar.

OCTOBER 24th, 2016: Train-the-Trainer Workshop: Integrating Water into Land Use Planning, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. This free workshop is targeted to local government planners and water providers who want to be trained to provide educational workshops in their community and/or region to explore issues of water and land use planning and how to develop effective plans and implementation strategies for water conservation. Participants will be guided in three training modules and learn how to conduct educational workshops for local government leaders in their region. The modules will help trainers enhance communication and provide specific land use techniques regarding water efficiency and land use. The Colorado Water Conservation Board with support from the Department of Local Affairs are coordinating this educational effort. This Train-the-Trainer workshop is being offered in conjunction with the American Planning Association, Colorado State Conference in Colorado Springs at the Antlers Hotel.
The training workshop is free, but space is limited. Click HERE to register.

OCTOBER 25th, 2016: Intermountain West Drought Early Warning System Front Range Drought Outlook & Stakeholder Meeting with the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. This workshop will serve four purposes: 1) provide an update on current and forecasted drought & climate conditions 2) introduce the new Intermountain West Drought Early Warning System 3) showcase current research and tools available to stakeholders to support drought early warning 4) gather feedback from stakeholders on current needs for the IMW DEWS to help inform the development of the IMW DEWS Strategic Plan. This meeting will focus on past, present and/or expected drought impacts in the region with a particular focus on Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. It will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to interact with other decision makers and information providers in the region. For more information go to Registration is FREE.

OCTOBER 25TH, 2016: River Network webinar, Water Scarcity as a Catalyst for Integrated Water Management – Creating Multiple Benefits for Your Community and River, 2:00 pm Eastern - 3:30 pm Eastern. At scales ranging from the neighborhood and city to the watershed and basin, some communities are doing the work of breaking down the silos in water management to increase sustainability and equitably maximize benefits across the community and watershed. So, what does “Integrated Water Management” mean for your watershed and your community? Where has it been used and what are the benefits and challenges? Can it help your community achieve “triple bottom line” (environmental, social and economic) benefits? Join them to learn how communities in Washington and San Francisco – driven by limited water resources – are seeking ways to integrate water management with other sectors and at varying scales, from the Basin to the building level. Click HERE for more information.

OCTOBER 26th, 2016: Webinar, Navigating the Intersection: Western Water, Climate Change & Public Health, starting at 10:00 am PDT. Whether you’re a water utility manager in Colorado, a public health director in California, or a water justice activist in Arizona, climate-driven changes in western water are already having direct impacts on public health. What lies ahead and how do we work together? Find out and register for this webinar. This is the first of a three-part webinar series hosted by Carpe Diem West.

OCTOBER 27th, 2016: Webinar, Exploring Children's Perspectives of the Environment, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.   Join Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) with Bryan Wee, Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences, at University of Colorado Denver. Applying a lens of equity, he will be reviewing his findings of about how children in the U.S., China, and Sweden perceive the environment and the implications for environmental education. Dr. Wee was the 2015 Awards for Excellence in EE winner for Outstanding EE Educator. Hear him share his expertise in the field! For more information and to register visit the CAEE Website.

NOVEMBER 7th – 8th, 2016: Colorado Climate Fundamentals - Colorado Regional Workshop #1. The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) is offering a series of 2-day training academies in Golden. These academies will provide curriculum on topics including understanding climate science and variability, identifying climate hazards and conducting vulnerability assessments, basics of greenhouse gas accounting, explanations of the food-water-energy nexus, and fundamental governance and stakeholder engagement strategies. Workshop participants will learn from experts about the implications of climate change with a regional focus added for Colorado and the Rockies. Professionals from the public and private sectors, higher education and the NGO community will benefit from the classroom-style, interactive training activities. For more information go to