Job Announcements for Late July

USGS research vessel collecting bathymetry data at Clear Creek Reservoir, Jacob S. Mohrmann, Colorado Mountain College, June 8, 2016.

USGS research vessel collecting bathymetry data at Clear Creek Reservoir, Jacob S. Mohrmann, Colorado Mountain College, June 8, 2016.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services seeks a Forestry Assistant to perform tasks related to urban forestry and the wildland urban interface. The basic job duties an employee must be able to perform: Participate in the management of an urban forestry program, including hazard and needs assessments. Interact with the public about tree-related concerns and requests. Respond to customer service requests. Perform site inspections for City tree maintenance, hazard tree issues, insect and disease issues, and compliance with City codes pertaining to private trees and shrubs. Input work orders and customer requests into the Cartegraph database. Assist Staff Foresters with various projects including forest restoration, fuels mitigation, and biomass utilization. Click HERE to apply.

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) is seeking an experience, enthusiastic and highly motivated professional for the position of Arboreal Inspector with their Office of the City Forester. This is a LIMITED position, with an expected end date of December 31, 2019.  Job description includes performing routine tree risk evaluations of City trees located in the public right-of-way as well as private property trees to mitigate risks associated with structural defects, diseases and pest infestations. Performs tree appraisals to determine monetary value in case of damage resulting from landscaping, street construction, building construction or demolition or other casualty loses. For more information visit

The Little Thompson Watershed Coalition is seeking an Assistant Watershed Coordinator to assist where needed and as assigned to assist in LTWC’s mission to lead disaster-related restoration efforts in the Little Thompson Watershed. The Assistant Watershed Coordinator will provide support to the Watershed Coordinator and the Coalition’s efforts particularly in the area of communications, public affairs, community outreach, accounting and administrative tasks. Other responsibilities may include assistance in addressing issues attendant to the watershed, including fire/flood resiliency, ecological health, water quality, wildlife habitat, riparian stability, irrigation and farm production, and surrounding infrastructure where necessary. For more about their organization visit their website at

The Highlands Ranch Metro District is seeking a Park Planner for the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department. The Park Planner performs design tasks and planning work, performs project presentations, writing of specifications, and offers field support of new capital projects including parks, trails, parkway landscaping, and renovation projects. The position includes supervision over consultants and contractors and general supervision over seasonal or other section staff as needed or required. The Park Planner provides project management for the construction of District projects, acts as field coordinator and inspector and oversees other assigned projects to ensure contractor compliance. For more information see the Job Announcement.

The Colorado State Forest Service is hiring for:

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At Colorado Parks and Wildlife discover your dream job. Learn about Career Opportunities with Colorado Parks & Wildlife... Biologist, District Wildlife Manager, Fish Hatchery Technician, Park Range, Property Technician, Wildlife Researcher, Youth Conservation Corp. To apply visit their website.