Trainings & Workshops Early November

Society for Ecological Restoration is putting on Restoring Colorado Front Range Forests, on November 7th, 2018. Scientists, land managers, and stakeholders along the Colorado Front Range have worked together to co-produce knowledge and develop a science based framework for site specific forest restoration, which has been followed by a significant outreach campaign. Join them for a discussion of the science behind forest restoration and effective science outreach and application strategies. Full details can be found HERE.

Upper Colorado River Basin Water Forum on Nov 7th-8th, 2018. Topics including: Threats to Food – Energy – Water Security for a Colorado River Basin Provisioning Watershed, From Forecasting to Decision-Making, and Steps in Between, Science + Collaboration for the Environment, Making ceramics from reservoir sediment, fueled by methane captured from coal mines, Approaches to Municipal Conservation, The Power of Stories to Bridge Science, Policy & Practice, Methodologies for Modeling Risk, Interstate Panel on Drought Contingency Planning System Conservation Partnership Program – Reports from the Field, and Scientific Challenges for Demand Management Programs. For all details, including registration, click HERE.

3rd Annual Colorado Pollinator Summit. Each year the summit continues to bring together nationally and regionally recognized pollinator experts to present and discuss strategies for protecting and managing land to support pollinators in Colorado. The Summit is designed for organizations, agencies, businesses, professionals, educators, growers, land managers, researchers and volunteers actively working to conserve and protect pollinators and their habitats. Please join them on November 9th, 2018 at Denver Botanic Gardens to learn, share and collaborate! For information, including registration, click HERE.