Announcements Late November

Boulder County Parks & Open Space (BCPOS) is currently accepting research proposals for 2019 funding. Through these research projects and inventories the department can monitor management practices and improve resources and park visitor experiences. Collaborative research with other agencies is allowed (i.e. Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) of the City of Boulder and Jefferson County Open Space), and we will consider interagency grant proposals for joint funding. Full details can be found HERE.

The Costilla County Conservancy District is soliciting bids for: Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment. The hired contractor, in collaboration with the Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment Advisory Team, will assess the ecological condition of the Upper Culebra watershed by collecting, compiling, and analyzing data characterizing riparian habitat, geomorphology, geology, adjacent uplands, water infrastructure, the condition of aquatic habitat, flow regimes, grazing, forest health and water quality through the collection of new data and the analysis of existing data. The data will be used to create reports, which will be included in the final Upper Culebra Watershed Assessment Report. More information can be found on their website HERE.

new USGS study tackles the question of the direction of trends—upward or downward—for seven common chemical constituents in water and comparing the magnitudes of the concentrations to drinking-water benchmarks and nutrient criteria. Trends for ammonia, chloride, nitrate, sulfate, total dissolved solids, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus in more than 300 U.S. streams and rivers were evaluated for the period 2002–2012. Constituent concentrations were compared to established water-quality benchmarks such as drinking-water standards, non-health-based guidelines for taste, color, and odor, and nutrient criteria for aquatic life. For more information on their work, visit their site HERE.

Colorado Watershed Flood Recovery 2013-2018. Colorado took a holistic approach to stream system recovery following the 2013 floods by focusing on watershed scale recovery and incorporating long-term resiliency into every project. Download the program description handout to learn more about the State’s approach and the successful outcomes. Handouts and Project Success Stories can be found HERE.

MEETING NOTICE: Colorado Water Quality Forum 10-year water quality roadmap Workgroup involvement opportunity. The mission of the workgroup is to achieve solutions to Colorado water quality issues through communication and understanding, balancing use, and protection of the resource. Water Quality Members and Participants: The 10-year water quality roadmap is their plan to develop or revise water quality standards from 2017 to 2027. They'll hold quarterly workgroup meetings to discuss progress and encourage participation. Learn more about all the topics involved on the roadmap webpage, ROAD WEBPAGE.

  • Meeting 1: Completed

  • Meeting two: Completed

  • Meeting three: Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2018 (1-4 p.m.)

  • Meeting four: Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019 (1-4 p.m.)

Anyone can participate! If you would like to receive future emails about the workgroup, use this online sign-up form to join the mailing list so they can stay in touch.