Trainings & Workshops Late March

MARCH 19th, 2019: TECH WEBINAR - Water Plan Analysis, Municipal & Industrial by Colorado Water Conservation Board. 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Register HERE. The Colorado Water Plan Analysis (formerly, SWSI) serves as the technical backbone to the Water Plan. Leading up to the study's full release in July 2019, select data insights and tools will be released gradually for early stakeholder review. Check in HERE for general information on the project. See all monthly technical webinars HERE.

MARCH 20th, 2019: "Live Like You Love It" Webinar! 1:00 p.m. Colorado WaterWise is excited to be hosting this webinar featuring its statewide water education campaign, Live Like You Love It (LLYLI). This webinar will introduce attendees to the LLYLI program and materials, review the recently developed outreach guidebook to showcase ways to use the materials available to LLYLI partners as well as see real-world examples. Find out more HERE.

MARCH 21st, 2019: Wastewater Treatment Workshop – Pueblo West 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
CRWA Wastewater Technician Mark Foxworthy will be on site to discuss proper wastewater treatment.  This class will focus on preliminary and primary treatment of lagoons, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, activated sludge, and sequencing batch rotators.  Class attendees are encouraged to ask questions throughout this training. Find out more and register HERE.

MARCH 21st-22nd, 2019: Certified Stormwater Inspector Training. Denver, CO. This course was developed by former Federal and State stormwater enforcement officials for the express purpose of training municipal stormwater personnel to conduct stormwater inspections of municipal, commercial, industrial, and construction activities. It includes instruction in the law (federal, state, local), illicit discharge detection and elimination, pollution prevention, post construction, public involvement and education, inspector protocols, and much more! For more information, including registration, click HERE.

March 25th-29th, 2019: Spend Spring Break with SPREE Camp! The South Platte River flows through the heart of Denver. It has provided many goods and services to our city since early in its history. Join SPREE for "A River at Work"  to learn all the ways humans interact, experience, and work on our River... and yes, we will be catching things!

MARCH 28th, 2019: Water University: Utility Management Certification Workshop – Fort Morgan 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. This training will cover the financial, technical, and managerial aspects of management for small systems. The day will end with a managerial certification exam that will provide a certificate showing management capabilities. Find out more and register HERE.

EPA Alliance Training Group offers an Intro to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act through online training. The course will walk you through the requirements, the management of Universal Wastes, and common hazardous waste violations that could occur at your facility. Furthermore, fill out a quick form and perform some action items, provided in the course, to meet your annual RCRA training requirements! The RCRA 102 Advanced course will be ready this March! Check out their complete list of training topics HERE.

APRIL 1st-3rd, 2019: After the Flames Workshop and Conference.  Experts warn that year-round fire season is the new normal. Wildfire is no longer "if" it will occur, but rather "when." The impacts of a wildfire last long after the flames are extinguished. Community leaders, agency representatives, property owners, and anyone impacted by wildfire is invited to join this interactive workshop and conference featuring recovery experts and agencies engaging After The Flames. For more information click HERE.

APRIL 3rd, 2019: Full-day Water Law Class at Colorado Mesa University! “Water Law in a Nutshell” with Aaron Clay. *Approved for 8 hours of CLE Credit* This seminar will cover all aspects of the law related to water rights and ditch rights as applied in Colorado. Subject matter includes the appropriation, perfection, use, limitations, attributes, abandonment and enforcement of various types of water rights. Additional subject matter will include special rules for groundwater, public rights in appropriated water, interstate compacts and more. Registration fee includes lunch and materials. Register HERE.

APRIL 9th, 2019: The Color of Law: A Conversation about Segregation and Environmental Racism Webinar. 12:00 p.m. - 1:15p.m. MDT. The Center for Creative Land Recycling will welcome Richard Rothstein, author of the 2017 book The Color of Law, to frame the history of segregation in the United States, and help us understand how racial segregation shapes redevelopment decisions today. Join CCLR for this first in a series of webinars that explore what different local jurisdictions are doing to mitigate the risk of displacement as a result of land recycling. Note: It is highly recommended that you read the Color of Law, available at local libraries and from book sellers, prior to this webinar. Register HERE.

APRIL 10th & 11th, 2019: NutrientSmart Webinar. NSmart is a proposed voluntary program to recognize water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs), and their watershed partners, progress towards reducing nutrients in waterbodies. The EPA’s Office of Water and the NSmart Steering Committee are hosting an interest and information webinar to introduce a proposed voluntary recognition program for POTWs, WWRFs, communities, and other stakeholders and potential partners that have reduced or are working towards reducing nutrient loadings to streams, rivers, lakes, and other surface waters. The EPA wants to know how best to engage with you and make recognition valuable to you, your ratepayers, partners, and local communities. Sign up HERE.

Calling all college students! 21-Day Earth Corps 2019 Field Studies Course. Earth Corps is run by the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) in partnership with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to provide motivated, environmentally conscious students the opportunity to live and learn in the incredible natural classroom of the Colorado wilderness. The application deadline is April 12, 2019. Find the full course description and register HERE.

APRIL 10th-May 22nd, 2019: ESRI ArcGIS Free Online Course. Love maps? Make better ones. Once, only cartographers made maps. Today, anyone can. With coaching from experienced cartographers and practical, hands-on exercises using ArcGIS Pro, you'll become a smarter mapmaker, ready to go beyond the defaults and make better maps.This free, online course runs from April 10 to May 22, 2019. Students can expect to spend a minimum of two to three hours per week on course material. Students who complete all content earn a certificate of completion from Esri. If your whole team makes maps, have everyone register! Learning together will help everyone gain greater cartographic insight and skills. Register now HERE.

APRIL 23rd, 2019: TECH WEBINAR - Water Plan Analysis, Agriculture by Colorado Water Conservation Board. 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Register HERE. The Colorado Water Plan Analysis (formerly, SWSI) serves as the technical backbone to the Water Plan. Leading up to the study's full release in July 2019, select data insights and tools will be released gradually for early stakeholder review. Check in HERE for general information on the project. See all monthly technical webinars HERE.

JUNE 10th-14th, 2019: Western Rivers Teacher Workshop,Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado. Utilize western rivers to meet interdisciplinary academic standards creating relevant place based context for your students. Registration opens February 2019 through the Extended Studies program.

Online Courses Available Through Colorado Rural Water Association. Industry studies have shown employee-training budgets for most water and wastewater utilities are tighter than ever. Web-based operator certification and license renewal training provides employers and their employees the flexibility of taking training courses at their own pace without the hassle and cost of attending live classes. Check them out HERE.

Metropolitan State University of Denver is offering a new Water Studies Online Certificate to provide training and skills relevant to careers in water studies, conservation, agriculture, construction, engineering, and law. From lifelong learners who want to know more about water preservation to those working in green and sustainable professions, this unique certificate provides introductory level training and skills relevant to a wide range of fields in the nonprofit, corporate, and public sectors, including water industries, conservation, agriculture, construction, engineering, and law. Find out more HERE.