Funding Opportunities Early October

Colorado Watershed Assembly announces a Request for Applications for the Colorado Healthy Rivers (HRF) Fund Grant Program. This fund grants money to on-the-ground projects that contribute to cleaner water, healthier wildlife habitat, improved recreation and vibrant local economies throughout our state. The HRF program targets two categories of grants: project grants and planning grants. Interested parties can find grant guidance information, the grant online submission form and learn more about the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund Grant Program by visiting the Colorado Watershed Assembly website HERE. The deadline to submit applications is November 8th, 2019. The Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund grant program was established jointly by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Water Quality Control Commission, in cooperation with the Colorado Watershed Assembly. For more information and for the full press release click HERE.

The Innovative Finance for National Forests program is a new partnership that provides grants to engage private investment capital to support the health of the National Forest System and meet the mission of the USDA Forest Service. It is funded by and administered by the USDA Forest Service (USFS) National Partnership Office (NPO), the National Forest Foundation (NFF), and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment). October 21st, 2019 is the Preproposal Deadline. Full information is available HERE.

The Colorado State Forest Service is now accepting applications for the Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation (FRWRM) grant program. Two types of applications exist for Fuels and Forest Health projects or Capacity Building projects. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the local CSFS field offices for assistance. The application deadline to local CSFS field offices is Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. Find more information and apply HERE.

The 2020 Nonpoint Source Funding Cycle- This process begins with the development of a concept or idea focused on water quality problems or protection opportunities associated with nonpoint sources of pollution. This concept will be developed into a full proposal later in the process. For those project sponsors interested in receiving feedback on an NPS project idea, the NPS Program requests submittal of a concept paper. This is not a mandatory step in the funding process but we strongly suggest that you take advantage of this opportunity because it will help you develop a proposal that is better aligned with the Nonpoint Source Program's priorities and eligibility requirements to secure NPS funds. The concept paper submittal deadline is October 25, 2019 and feedback on the ideas shared through concept papers will be provided on October 30, 2019 during a telephone conference in the morning or afternoon (more details to follow). For guidance in developing your conceptpaper, please go HERE. Once you have developed the project conceptpaper, please submit it to:

The Bureau of Reclamation has released an Applied Science Grant funding opportunity for non-federal entities to cost-share on projects to develop hydrologic information and water management tools and improve modeling and forecasting capabilities. Applications are due on October 30th, 2019. For full information click HERE.

The Colorado Water Conservation Board offers Colorado Watershed Restoration Grants. Organizations interested in developing watershed/stream restoration and flood mitigation studies and projects can apply. Submit applications by November 1, 2019. Find details HERE.

2020 Nonpoint Source Funding Concept Paper- Every year the Water Quality Control Division, Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program sends out a request for applications for NPS funding. Prior to requesting applications, the NPS Program, in collaboration with its NPS Alliance partners, provides an opportunity for project sponsors to solicit feedback about NPS project concepts. The purpose of the feedback is to help project sponsors clearly define and develop their nonpoint source water quality problem or protection opportunity and receive technical advice about their project idea in advance of the application process. Click HERE for more information.

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) offers new opportunities for the NRCS, conservation partners, and agricultural producers to work together to harness innovation, expand the conservation mission, and demonstrate the value and efficacy of voluntary, private lands conservation. The next RCPP funding announcement is under development and will be posted later in 2019. More details about this fund can be found HERE.

Alliance for Community Trees Open Request for Projects. The Arbor Day Foundation is actively seeking proposals to fund planting projects around the country. Funding is limited to $15,000 per project, and budget information is required in the application. Applications should also focus on the issues the planting project will address, such as: urban heat island effect, natural disaster restoration, low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, water quality, air pollution, etc. No deadline, but earlier is better. More information on this funding opportunity can be found HERE.

Get Your 2019 Project Funded. Are you planning, designing, or implementing on-the-ground restoration projects that will restore river flows and/or recharge ground water? Would you like the opportunity to share your projects with businesses who may be interested in providing support for your projects? If the answer is “Yes!” be sure to check out the Business for Water Stewardship Project Bank, a new opportunity for paid members of River Network to use a national platform to attract funding.

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program. This program provides funding for clean and reliable drinking water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, sanitary solid waste disposal, and storm water drainage to households and businesses in eligible rural areas. Full details, including requirements and registration, can be found HERE. 

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Planning Design and Engineering Grants. These grants provide money to small communities to help cover costs associated with the State Revolving Fund pre-application requirements. Grants require a 20 percent match from the applicant. Planning grant applicants must complete the prequalification form and attend a pre-application meeting. Design and engineering grant applicants will be considered by project needs assessment submissions by approved disadvantaged communities. For more information CLICK HERE.

Colorado's Water Plan Grant Opportunities: The purpose of the Water Plan Grant funding is to make progress on the critical actions identified in the Colorado’s Water Plan (CWP) and its Measurable Objectives. All applications will be assessed based on funds available for a particular CWP Measurable Objective category. The Board will select projects, programs and activities to fund from applications that have the best opportunity to make progress on the CWP’s Measurable Objectives or critical actions. The CWCB staff reserves the right to negotiate with successful applicants to modify the scope and budget of their project to better meet the CWP objectives in light of fund availability. CWCB staff will evaluate applications and recommend projects to the CWCB Board for final approval at its regularly scheduled Board meetings. Learn more HERE.

The Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Supply Reserve Fund (WSRF) Program provides grants and loans to assist Colorado water users in addressing their critical water supply issues and interests. The funds help eligible entities complete water activities, which may include competitive grants for: Technical assistance regarding permitting, feasibility studies and environmental compliance; Studies or analysis of structural, nonstructural consumptive and nonconsumptive water needs, projects or activities; and structural and nonstructural water projects or activities. For more information click HERE.

What type of Water Supply Reserve Fund Grants are available?

Basin Account: Funds water activities from a basin roundtable. The CWCB evaluates applications for the Basin Account to ensure the Threshold Criteria are met.

Statewide Account: Funds water activities from a basin roundtable on a competitive basis. The CWCB evaluates applications for the Statewide Account to ensure each application meets the Threshold Criteria in addition to being evaluated using the Evaluation Criteria.

Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Efficiency Grant Program. The Water Efficiency Grant Program provides financial assistance to communities, water providers, and eligible agencies for water conservation-related activities and projects. Eligible entities, as well as state and local governments and agencies, can receive funding to develop water conservation and drought plans, implement water conservation goals outlined in a water conservation plan and educate the public about water conservation.
Types of Water Efficiency Grants available - Click on programs below for more information about each and how to apply:

The Environmental Protection Agency Water Finance Clearinghouse has access to hundreds of water funding opportunities that can be found HERE.