"The Color of Water: Exploring the Spectrum"

October 9 - 11, 2018 at the Westin Riverfront in Avon, CO

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Plenary Session 1:

Brian Bledsoe, PhD., University of Georgia

Towards Resilient and Dynamic River Systems

Part I | Part II

Current thinking on designing and managing for resilient and dynamic river systems, the tradeoffs between complexity and practicality, and bridging the gap between research and practitioners

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Plenary Session 2:

Joe Wheaton, PhD., Utah State University

River Health through Heart Surgery or a Healthy Diet

Part I | Part II

Developing and sustaining ecosystem services through a holistic approach to dynamic watershed health

Keynote Address:

Anthony Poponi

Challenging conversations, building trust and having more effective conversations


Freedom Space- Process Drivers for River Management

Moderator: Peter Skidmore

A spectrum of constraints, goals and opportunities in stream management

Peter Skidmore, Walton Family Foundation

Process-based assessment of river channel change to inform conservation action on the Yampa River

Seth Mason, Lotic Hydrological

Stage Zero: Using a channel evolution model to set restoration goals

Mark Beardsley, EcoMetrics

Reach- and basin-scale assessment to inform river corridor restoration goals and constraints

Joe Wheaton, PhD., Utah State University

Creating Opportunities for Community Engagement

Moderator: Jayla Poppleton

Clean River Design Challenge: Going Beyond Talking Trash

Lauren Berent, The Water Connection & The Greenway Foundation

Converting Badger Creek from a Watershed to a Water Catchment

Buffy Lenth & Natalie Allio, MA, Central Colorado Conservancy

Leveraging STEM education to pursue watershed projects, partnerships, and funding

Luke Javernick, River Science

Sacramento Creek Watershed Protection Plan: A Tiny Creek Seeks Community Involvement

Kristin Barrett, Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center

Removing Red Tape

Moderator: Casey Davenhill

Colorado Surface Water Quality Assessment Program

Skip Feeney, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Water Projects: Redefining effective engagement in the mitigation and permitting processes

Karlyn Armstrong & Amy Moyer, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Promoting wetlands and waterfowl through creative augmentation planning

Eric Potyondy, City of Fort Collins

Request for Water Acquisitions Pilot Process: A Streamlined Approach to Water Transactions to Benefit the Environment

Mickey O'Hara, Colorado Water Trust & Linda Bassi, Colorado Water Conservation Board


Flood Recovery Panel

Moderator: Jeff Sickles

Building Resilience into Flood Recovery: Lessons Learned from the Colorado EWP Program

Jeff Sickles, Enginuity

Chris Sturm, Colorado Water Conservation Board

Katie Jagt, Watershed Science and Design

Green, Gray and White

Moderator: Jen Shanahan

Ski Town Showdown - Aspen vs. Vail - Who has the best stormwater?

April Long, City of Aspen & Pete Wadden, Town of Vail

Putting the Gr$$n in Greenways: The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Greenways in the Pikes Peak Region

Allison Plute & Christine Lowenberg, The Greenway Fund

Green Infrastructure for Downtown Colorado Streets

Riley Cavanaugh & Alec Sabatini, CU Boulder

Making Waves: The effects of whitewater parks on fisheries

Eric Richer, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Thinking Deeper - Hydologic Connection in Restoration

Moderator: Erika Smull

Timing is Everything: Groundwater Latency Masks Its Impending Contribution to Vulnerability

Gilbert Barth, SSP&A

Innovations in Headwater Stream Restoration for Hydrologic Resilience: The Montana Experience

Scott Gillilan, Gillilan Associates

Re-wetting the Sponge: Meadow restoration in the Upper Gunnison Basin

Andrew Breibart, Bureau of Land Management, Gunnison Field Office

Hydrologic Connectivity as a Tool for Watershed Management: Moving from Theory to Application

Alex Brooks, Colorado State University


Headwaters Live Panel

Moderator: Caitlin Coleman

Headwaters Magazine LIVE:
Stream Management Planning

How diverse interests are cooperating in the name of science and community to plan and address vulnerability

Caitlin Coleman, Water Education Colorado

Nicole Seltzer, River Network

Kelly Romero-Heaney, City of Steamboat Springs

Laurie Rink, Middle Colorado Watershed Council

Heather Tattersall Lewin, Roaring Fork Conservancy

Rebecca Mitchell, Colorado Water Conservation Board

Agriculture & Stream Health

Moderator: Alex Funk

Innovating Water Diversion for Resiliency

Julie Ash, Otak

Colorado Small Acreage Landowners

Jennifer Cook & John Rizza, CSU Extension and USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service

Conservation Districts Work With Private Landowners

Gene Backhaus, NRCS

Sharing Water to Save the Farm: Colorado Open Lands has developed a guide to help understand Alternative Transfer Mechanisms (ATMs) and how to evaluate conservation opportunities to reduce “buy and dry”

Sarah Parmar, Colorado Open Lands

Mining: Reduce Red Tape- Yield Results

Moderator: Jeff Graves

Working Together for Mine Reclamation in the Illinois Gulch Watershed near Breckenridge, CO.

Lauren Duncan & Jason Willis, Trout Unlimited

Encouraging Conversations around Mining and Water Quality

Guinevere Nelson & Tanya Ishikawa, San Juan Mining and Reclamation Conference Committee

A Collaborative Inventory and Assessment of Abandoned Mine Lands in Colorado

Tyler Wible, Colorado State University

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Funding the Colorado Water Plan

Moderator: Lauren Ris


Zach Riley, Colorado Farm Bureau

Lisa Tasker, Pitkin County Healthy Rivers Programs

Brian Jackson, Environmental Defense Fund

Casey Davenhill, Colorado Healthy Rivers Fun

Expanding Perspective - Stream Restoration

Moderator: Julie Ash

Integrated Design for Integrated Systems: Combining Geomorphic and Engineering Design to Maximize Channel, Floodplain, and Wetland Functions

Travis Stroth, Otak

Bridging the Gap Between Design and Construction

Corey Engen, FlyWater, Inc.

Characterizing Fluvial Geomorphic Hazards in Colorado

Joel Sholtes, Bureau of Reclamation

Inside the Black Box: Developing Stream Health Monitoring or Assessment Programs for Stream Management Planning and Beyond

Brad Johnson, Johnson Environmental Consulting

Fires, Floods and Forestry

Moderator: Carol Ekarius

Wildfire Effects on Colorado Watersheds - The Long and the Short of It

Chuck Rhoades, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Impacts of extreme events on source water quality in the Cache la Poudre Watershed

Jared Heath, City of Fort Collins

Give us the Numbers: Lessons learned from quantitative analysis of wildfire risk to water supplies

Ben Gannon, CSU Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Got Wildfire Risk? Building Bridges Build Watershed Resilience

Rebecca Samulski, Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative

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